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What is Anchor Text Generator

Anchor Text Generator is a tool that allows you to generate backlink labels.

In more detail, this is <a href="">this text</a>

How to use this tool

To use the current tool, you must provide the following information:

  • Page URL Address;
  • The most related category to the page;
  • Brand name(s);
  • Up to 5 (five) keywords;
  • Country
  • City or different location;
  • Minus words.

The listed information is used by our algorithms to generate anchor texts. We do not limit the number of anchors in the results. We generate as much as we can. All you have to do is put the required info, press the "Generate Anchors" button, and choose the most interesting and suitable anchor texts.


This tool has the function of searching and filtering the resulting data. We cannot guarantee the generation of the specified types of anchors by the user, but we would like to point out that our tool generates Exact Match, Phrase Match, Partial Match, Empty, Generic, Naked URL, Branded, and Compound anchor texts. After generating anchor texts you have the opportunity to select and download the ones you like.

Final part

We work on it for you only. Please, share this page with your team and colleagues. Thank you.

What is Anchor Text

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