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Analyze and recognize anchor texts by more than 20 different parameters with - the essential SEO tool for link builders.

Use trigger words to catch specific anchor texts and analyze distribution. Compare projects and visualize data to find interesting dependencies.

Play with data and build well optimized link building strategies.

Save your time, money & energy with!

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Optimize efficiency of the SEO staff

Add a new revenue stream to your business

Get the higher accuracy for lower price

Improve the quality of service delivery

Reduce stress and time commitment

Create link building strategies wisely

Use the data to perform experiments

Show your clients what you have done

Look for over optimization signs

Quick anchor texts distribution analysis

Filtering & searching functionality

Simple and user-friendly interface

Comparison & distribution reports

Triggering by specified stop words

Export data charts to PNG, SVG, CSV

Advanced data charts and outputs

Similarity Score & Uniqueness Index

Data copying & exporting functionality

Why did we decide to create

In the SEO field, we resort to the collection and analysis of various statistical data. One of the cruel tasks is the anchor texts distribution analysis. It's no secret for all that Search Engines analyze the quality and relevance of the source. But do you know that they are also doing the deep anchor texts analysis?

If you try to analyze the backlink profiles of the Top-10 websites, it will take a couple of weeks. The most annoying and exhausting part will be to do the cross-reference of anchor texts and a bunch of keywords. As we work in the SEO niche also, we did it before a lot of times, and forever after we promised that nobody will do it anymore by hands. So, we gathered the Web Development & SEO teams and started creating a powerful script that could do it instead of us. That's how was appeared the idea and the first version of for internal use.

Who should use it?

Link Building Experts
Mid & Senior SEO Analysts
SEO Teams & Agencies
SEO Gurus And Enthusiasts

The top-level SEO specialists understand the value of the proficiently created link building strategies. The wrong actions will cost a traffic or may give a nothing at best. If you want to have a look into the real anchor texts picture instead of mythical "50% naked URLs", then you are in the right place. Our solution is fully satisfying requirements.

How it's started & how it's going

Oct 2021


Today we are working on improving the anchor text analyzer and creating the anchor texts monitoring system. We've created a blog and started writing for you about anchor texts and link building. We've also created an initial version of the anchor text generator for everyone.

Jun 2021

First Paid Subscription

At the beginning of June 2021 we received the first paid subscription.
Our first client became one of the leading companies in the SEO market - Thank them very much for that.

Feb 2021

Project Launch

On February 26th, we officially launched the project and published it on with a 100% discount coupon. Over the next three months, we've been working on feedbacks and fixing our mistakes.