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Anchor Text Analyzer

  • Anchor text analysis based on 20+ different parameters;
  • Ability to catch anchor texts by specific stop words;
  • Ability to compare analyzed projects;
  • Ability to change anchor type or subtype if you disagree;
  • Easy to navigate and filter data;
  • Useful charts and tables;
  • Ability to download PDF reports.

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Up to 50 Projects

25000 Anchors per Day

150 Reports

Unlimited Number of Projects

500000 Anchors Monthly

10000 Reports Monthly

Unlimited Number of Projects

750000 Anchors Monthly

15000 Reports Monthly

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anchor text is the visible and clickable text of the hyperlink <a href="">Anchor Text Analyzer</a>

By default, the anchor text has a three different styles in web browsers:

  • An unvisited hyperlink will appear underlined and blue;
  • A visited hyperlink will appear underlined and purple;
  • An active hyperlink will appear underlined and red.

Link Label and Link Text are synonyms of the Anchor Text.

Search Engines take attention not only to the relevance of the referring domain. They also consider the text of the link itself and its properties. The more anchor text is relevant and descriptive, the higher score it will get. Also, well-written anchor text may have a higher Click-through rate (CTR).

Just type it. Really, you just need to type an anchor text <a href="#">here</a>.

But if you are going to create a strong backlinks profile, then you need to create a huge amount of various link texts. Furthermore, it's better to write specific type and subtype anchors in the correct proportion. Use Anchor Text Analyzer to determine the best proportion of anchor types.

Generally, you can divide the type of anchor text to descriptive and non descriptive. The first one includes anchors that telling to users what will they get on the linked URL. The second one usually has a surrounding text and presented as a naked URL or a common phrase such as "here".

Exact Match, Phrase Match, Partial Match, Branded, and Compound anchor types – descriptive.

Generic, Naked-URL, Non-Latin, and Empty anchor types – non descriptive.

A subtype of anchor text can be: Question-based, Location-based, Long-Tail, and Triggered.

You can recognize the type of anchor text manually, or use service which can do it instead of you.

Additionally, provides the comparison reports and other useful features.